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Vision Statement

Vision of the Church Going forward:


To place all our resources, time and talents at the disposal of the Lord in spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with emphasis on holiness and growing up in our love relationship with Him through evangelism, all forms of media, and personal outreach. 

To establish a strong network of churches around the island built upon the foundational principles of the Bible that would then become a beacon or lighthouse for the rest of the Caribbean Islands.

To train leaders who are called and chosen of God to take their rightful places of influence in the spheres of the Church, Family, Business, Government, Education, Media, Sports, Arts and Entertainment.

To create an atmosphere in the churches where those who are called and chosen of God especially among our youths and children can discover and operate in their God-given talents, gifts and callings, all to the glory of God.

Our Vision: Our Values
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